Thank you for choosing K&C Music for your child’s instrument rental.

 We have worked with your teachers to tailor an affordable No-Risk rental program that allows budding musicians to learn on high quality instruments without a large upfront investment. 


 In addition to your instrument rental, your teacher has requested that certain accessories be required.  You will see these are pre-selected.  There are also optional accessories that may enhance your enjoyment of playing. If you already own a required accessory, please call us and we can assist you. All accessories will be delivered with your instrument.


Before proceeding, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.


If you are renting a stringed instrument (Violin, Viola or Cello), you will first need to measure for the correct size. Please see this CHART to determine what size you need.


There is NO long term obligation. You may end the rental contract at any time with no penalties or fees.  You may purchase the instrument at any time with a significant discount off the remaining balance. Please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS for full details. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US before placing your order.


All rental instrument plans include an LTD (Loss, Theft and Damage) Waiver that covers repairs, loaners, and stolen instruments. Please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS for full details.


We visit each school district regularly, so there is no need to travel to us for repairs or accessories. Place an order online and we will deliver it to your school!


If you would like to purchase rather than rent, please CONTACT US.


A credit card in the Lessee's name is required for all rentals. No Cash/Checks/Gift Cards will be accepted for rentals.


In September, most instruments will be delivered to your school at a designated time.  If you are unable to attend, choose the school delivery option instead. 


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